Everyone has private parts, and at a certain point in life everyone has questions. But no teen wants to ask them—especially of their parents. When the Southern Nevada Health Department was looking for an innovative way to spark these delicate talks, RIVAL jumped at the chance to lead the conversation with True Health Needs Knowledge, or THNK.

Brand Strategy
Web Design
Logo Design
Brand Voice

Graphics, not graphic

We knew that showing body parts, especially the intimate ones we’re talking about here, would add to the conversation’s built-in discomfort level. So we decided to embrace the giggles by using colorful disembodied geometric shapes (that left just a little to the imagination) to take their place. Suddenly an icky topic was turned into an opportunity for shared smiles and mutual learning.

A robust package

We crafted a colorful logo to accompany this fun look and feel, then went to work on the creation of a complete set of assets for THNK to deploy, starting with their website,, a multipage trove of resources for teens and parents. RIVAL also crafted a re-usable set of graphic illustrations, social media assets including channel art, animations, and modules for social sharing, along with a light brand book and design system to govern their use. 

Empowerment over embarrassment

With frank talk and frequent calls-to-action, the THNK website gives teens and their parents easy avenues for finding more information or for obtaining birth control, testing, or other services they might be too uncomfortable to pursue offline. Connections to call-in hotlines or clinics, fast facts, and a section specifically for parents are part of a wealth of resources for families to use, now sans embarrassment.