What does confidence look like? How does trust sound? And how do you explain a system that sometimes defies human nature? These were questions that needed answering at the start of this project.

Our client, a high-finance Wall Street investment management firm, had come to RIVAL when the company was in its earliest stages and tasked us with branding the firm from the ground up. The identity would need to establish the brand, inspire investors, and carry the company forward in a field replete with big-name competition.

Brand Strategy
Web Design
Logo Design
Brand Voice

A classic moniker

We began with the brand’s most elemental pieces, the name and logo, and worked to find a combination that spoke to our client’s wisdom, experience, and skill, while projecting an image of precision, trust, and reliability.

Turning to classic Greek mythology, we dubbed the firm Chiron Investment Management. According to legend, Chiron was first and wisest of the centaurs, a revered oracle, and an acclaimed tutor who trained the heroes of ancient Greece in the ways of the world and the art of the hunt.

This name portrayed Chiron Investment Management as carrying those lessons forward and giving modern investors the guidance they need to choose the right target, to wait until the perfect moment, and to strike for maximum advantage.

A pointed design

We paired the Chiron name with a bold logo that combines understated elegance with a nod to the bow carried by the brand’s mythical namesake. Tipped with a rising sales curve, the logo’s knocked arrow is indicative of the firm’s exactitude and the guidance it offers to its clients. Secondary design elements included star patterns and constellations, plus custom buttons, bullets, and link indicators for online use.

In addition to the name and logo, the complete brand book we created for Chiron included a monogram, tagline, fonts, typography, brand palettes, design elements, iconography, voice, and tone.

Once established, the Chiron brand was applied to a full compliment of collateral, including business cards, letterhead, presentation templates, a company page on LinkedIn, and more.

The Chiron website

With the formal launch of Chiron Investment Management nearing, we also developed concepts for, constructed, and coded the company’s website, www.chironim.com, where consumers can learn about Chiron as a company before getting information about the fund it’s selling.

The multi-page Chiron website aimed to be a departure from the overly complicated, text- and data-heavy look common on other investment sites, adding a much-needed touch of elegance and sophistication to the financial services industry.

To explain Chiron’s unique investment process, we directed, filmed, produced, and edited two video pieces that featured some of the company principle players discussing what they do. These video introductions appear on the website adjacent charts displaying how Chiron sees both the state of the market and the mindset of the investors whose behavior governs its movement.

Further pages on the site delve deeper into the firm’s investment process, while others detail the origin of the company, the meaning of its name, and the wide-ranging experience of its accomplished employees.

As everything on the site is governed by strict federal guidelines, we worked closely with regulatory experts to ensure all content complied with applicable laws.

The Chiron Domain Indicator

A persistent element through the Chiron website, the Domain Indicator visually illustrates one of the company’s key indicators in real-time. Spinning in the upper right corner of the site, this polyhedral shape changes color, rate of spin, and gains or loses complexity based on market conditions as described by Chiron’s methodology. A flyout on the Investment Process page serves as a key to further explain the meanings behind each Domain.