What happens when a product everyone knows about but has never been allowed to buy suddenly, after decades of prohibition, becomes available?

With Burnwell, RIVAL was tasked with creating a brand that appealed to both the growing new audience of legal cannabis enthusiasts and the seen-it-all old guard that’s been around since the days of the black market. We eschewed the stereotypical stoner vibe to herald the dawn of a new, more sophisticated era with a brand meant to welcome consumers from all walks of life. Bright colors, vibrant art, and stunning photography paint the picture of an active, social lifestyle where Burnwell enhances fun-filled party times and calm, reflective moments alike.

Brand Strategy
Package Design
Logo Design
Brand Voice

RIVAL started by developing Burnwell’s brand underpinnings, from mission, values, and benefits to voice, tone, and personality, as well as a complete look and feel for the brand. Formed from the negative space within a capital B, the Burnwell logo is sometimes shown in a solid color and at others transformed into a window for art or photography, allowing for arresting juxtapositions and storytelling at a glance.


Everything needed to work with and express the brand was compiled and published as a meticulously designed hardbound book, as much an art piece in itself as a practical guide to working with the Burnwell brand assets. For external distribution to retailers and trade partners, RIVAL created paperback look-books (with a limited hardcover run) that showcased Burnwell’s mission and benefits while highlighting the superior style and look of the brand.



When it came time to present Burnwell to consumers, RIVAL articulated the brand’s eco-friendly approach through upscale minimalist glass and cork packaging that showcased the product. Hangtags were used to differentiate SKUs with colorful imagery, plus deliver the Burnwell message, hold the required legal information, and make the products stand out to discerning consumers.

In the digital realm, RIVAL supplied Burnwell with a landing page that interested consumers could use to find more information, and broadened Burnwell’s social media reach with strategy and a steady cadence of shareable art and animations.

From start to finish, each aspect of the Burnwell brand was created to bridge a gap and unite the old school of cannabis consumers with the new, to catch eyes and capture interest, as well as raise the bar for legal cannabis marketing to a new high.