There was a time when the barbershop was the center of the neighborhood, where you came for news, for gossip, for conversation, for companionship. The barbers who attended the chairs were as squared away as the cuts they delivered—groomed sleek in shirtsleeves and garters, oozing style, and smelling of pomade and just a hint of danger.

This was the attitude our client, owner of Bang, Seattle’s preeminent hair salon, wanted to recapture as she added a barbershop to her hairdressing empire. In a city that takes pride in its outsider character, this new endeavor needed to walk the fine line between hip and authentic, and she asked RIVAL to make it happen.

App Design
Web Design
Logo Design
Brand Voice

As it transitioned from salon to barbershop, the Bang Barber identity needed amore masculine look in addition to a distinctive straight razor snake.

We responded with a fresh take on the Bang brand, making the logo more masculine without sacrificing the elegance or mystique of the original, and adding a hissing snake composed of silhouetted straight razors.

At the same time, we developed and deployed a unique web-based Bang Barbershop application. Functional across platforms, this handy app gave barbers the power to manage their client queue via smartphone or tablet, and gave customers the freedom to shop, get coffee, or simply wander until notified via text message that their turn is coming up.

The Bang Barber application runs across platforms to let barbers manage their queue and allow customers the freedom to roam while they wait.

Bang’s evolved identity was put into effect across the new barbershop, gracing everything from the building’s façade to the menu of styles, business cards, and an animated online teaser that promoted the barbershop’s grand opening.